Common Myths About Online Learning

Khushboo Nama

Are you a student or competitor who wants to take online classes but scared of taking that? Do you believe on some common myths about online learning? Okay! Let’s discuss some of the common myths about online classes, online educational portals, live tests etc.

1. Lower Quality of Study Material

Many people think that online learning has poor quality of study material. People forget that the brands always try to give their best so that they can make market value and that’s the reason why most of brands try their best to provide the best study material to their audience. So if online learning portal you chose is a brand, you may get quality stuff of learning online.

2. Syllabus Won’t be Completed on Time

This myth is what almost all students believe in. Students think, if they invest some money or time on some educational portals and even then they do not complete the syllabus, both their time and money will be wasted.

Choose the best online classes or learning portal and try to know everything about them. You can read user reviews on those platforms so that you can be satisfied while choosing the right platform.

3. Personal Attention Doesn't Exist

People think, like offline classes, online classes cannot give attention to their pupils. Nowadays, almost all the online classes and educational portals make their students’ doubts cleared. Students can comment their doubts through the comment box. Tutors read them and clear them through the screen.

4. Online Courses are Too Expensive

It’s not surprising that everybody wants everything for free, but for quality stuff, you should not hesitate while spending some money. Like offline classes, you do not need to spend much money on online classes. Some educational brands provide you free classes through YouTube and give some online test series, crash courses or live tests on minimal amount.

5. You Must be Tech Savvy

Nobody needs to be tech savvy if he/she wants to take online classes. This is the biggest myth most of people think of. The pupils from villages and some other backward areas think that they should be tech savvy for taking online classes. You only need to have some basic information about the portal to take part in the online learning.

In todays world, having a smartphone is not a big deal. Most of the students have smartphone for study related work and this is the thing that they are interested in online learning. Some students are scared of online classes due to some myths, but it is really very easy and convenient to take online classes for any exam.