Enhance Your Learning Skills With The Best Study Material

Khushboo Nama

What are learning skills?
Is learning to cram the topic?
Is it to complete the exam syllabus very fast?

Actually, learning skills can’t be defined by a single definition. It has multiple meanings and definitions. Here we’ll talk about learning skills and the ways to enhance it.

Enhance Learning skills

Willingness to Learn

It’s one of the most important learning skills. If a person doesn’t have a willingness to learn, how can a person learn?

You can learn anything but you have to build willingness for it.
You must find out the reasons to read/learn. Only craving (a burning desire) can push you to learn and prepare for any exam.

Select Your Target Exam

Many students prepare for multiple exams at the same time. It may be senseless sometime. If you are preparing for multiple exams which have different syllabus, you can’t complete both and however can never crack those exams.
You’ve to choose your target exam and its syllabus for the better preparation and better result.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Yes, there is no substitute of the practice. The student with less knowledge, but more practice can defeat the student with more knowledge with less practice. 
Practice improves speed, self-confidence and brain power.
It motivates you to learn more and more topics. If a person does the practice on the daily basis, he has more willingness to learn more.

You must read or heard a Sanskrit Shloka,
“करत-करत अभ्यास के जड़मति होत सुजान।
रसरी आवत-जात के, सिल पर परत निशान।”

The meaning of this Shloka is, ‘Persistence makes even a dumb man intelligent, just like (even) a soft rope, when rubbed continuously on stone, makes a mark on it.’

Take Proper Rest

To take to the proper rest, you must know the proper meaning of the rest. Rest is not to stop your study and use your smartphone. Some students use their smartphones at night and think that they are taking proper rest.

They are addicted to the smartphone and social media and every time they need some rest or break from study, they start using a smartphone.

The meaning of the proper rest stands for both mental and physical rest. It’s not wrong to use smartphone or social media if you use these things in a limit while taking the proper rest. Your eyes, brain, hand, mouth, etc. need rest. These all work when you use a smartphone.

Now, the question is how many hours we should sleep? Basically, you should sleep minimum 6 hours, but it can vary according to your physical condition. You can try and observe your sleep need.

It should neither less nor more. You can get headache if you are taking less sleep and more sleep make you lazier.

Get Motivated Time to Time

Motivation is very important for exam preparation. It works like an energy booster. You can get motivation in various ways.

Before you solve your problems or read some topics, manage them simultaneously easy (you are good/perfect in) and hard (you are bad/worst in) problems or topics.

The problems and topics you can solve easily motivate you to solve more problems and topics. So this type of problems and topics help you solve the toughest problems and topics.

You can get motivated by real stories also. These stories can be your friend’s story or other any story which can motivate you.
We suggest you to check out the success stories of the high level officers. How they cracked their exams? What was their routine? How they struggled in their life and got the success?

When you use social media, you can check out these stories on social media. However, you can utilize your time which you are wasting on social media.

Make Proper Notes and Manage a Problem Sheet/Notebook

Everyone says to make and manage proper notes. But I think no one says to manage a problem sheet/notebook. You can manage a sheet in which you can write down your problems or the topics in which you stuck.

Most of the time we write them on rough paper and lose the paper where we wrote them or unable to find them. This problem sheet/notebook helps you to manage your problems and you can analysis yourself before the exam for those problems.

Stay Away from Toxic People

As the iron can behave like a magnet after the company with magnet, however, if a person has a company with negative people, he/she can get the negativity from them and can be easily demotivated.

Stop Mugging-up

Instead of mugging up, you should prepare the tricks to remember the things. The mugged up knowledge can be remained in your mind for a limited period of time, but the things you remember with the tricks can be remained in your mind for a long time.

Make your own tricks to remember the things.

At least once, try these. You will definitely feel the improvement in yourself. 


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