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IBPS PO 2018 Most Important Questions For Prelims Examination

IBPS PO 2018 Most Important Questions

Most Important Expected Questions for IBPS PO 2018 Examination: - As per the official calendar, the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is expected to conduct the IBPS PO Premise examination in October 2018 and IBPS PO Main Examination will be conducted in November 2018. IBPS PO Online Registration will be started from August whereby approximate lakh number of candidates will fill IBPS PO 2018 Application form because they want to be a Probationary Officer in an Indian bank.

We hope you have completed your syllabus and your preparation is going on in full flow for IBPS PO Prelims 2018 examination. Therefore, here we are going to provide some Most Important Questions for IBPS PO 2018 Examination. While solving the questions, please do not cheat yourself, candidates are advised to solve all the questions with honesty to know the actual level. All the mentioned IBPS PO 2018 Most Important Questions will help you to understand the actual level exam examination.

IBPS PO 2018 Most Important Questions, IBPS PO Most Important Expected Questions for Prelims Exam

Here, candidates can get all the IBPS PO 2018 Most Important Questions Topic wise. We have provided all the expected questions of English Language, Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude.

IBPS PO English Important Questions

(1 – 5): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (E). (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any.)

1. The controversy over the posting of Aadhar Card (A) / of M S Dhoni from the government's common services Centre's Twitter handle (B) / began after Sakshi Dhoni tweeted on last night to (C) / IT Minister Prasad complaining of a privacy breach. (D) / No error (E)

Explanation: (C) Delete ‘on’ before last night

2. Drawing a strong line on environmental issues, the Supreme Court banned (A) / the sale and registration of Bharat Stage III vehicles from April 1 when BS-IV emission norms come (B) / in force across the country, saying (C) / health of citizens is more important than commercial interests. (D) / No error (E)

Explanation: (B) Place will before come

3. India started cross-border trade in electricity in the mid-1980s, (A) / essentially by importing power from hydel projects (B) / built in Bhutan and to supply small quantities to Nepal (C) / as part of government-to-government deals. (D) / No error (E)

Explanation: (C) Replace to supply by supplying.

4. He told the beggar that he cannot (A) / give him a single paisa, (B) / because he was strong enough (C) / to earn his livelihood. (D) / No error (E)

Explanation: (A) Replace ‘cannot’ by ‘could not’ because the sentence is in the indirect narration.

5. I request you to kindly grant me (A) / leave for a week because I have to (B) / visit to New Delhi to participate (C) / in the National Games. (D) / No error (E)

Explanation: (A) Split infinitive error; as infinitive can’t be split by putting adverb in between ‘to’ and ‘verb’.

IBPS PO English Language Quizzes

IBPS PO Reasoning Ability Important Questions

(1 – 5): Eight people A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H travels eight different countries viz, Japan, Austria, Malaysia, China, Russia, Sri Lanka, France and Canada. Each of them is from a different city viz, Mumbai, Patna, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur and Chennai, Also each of them is of different age viz., 22 years, 24 years, 25 years, 27 years, 30 years, 32 years, 33 years and 35 years. (The provided is not necessarily in the same order).

  • D, who is 32 years old is going to China but he is neither from Patna nor Pune.
  • The one, who is 33 years old is going to Canada and he is from Mumbai. C is from Chennai. H is 25 years old and he is from Kolkata.
  • One from Hyderabad is going to Sri Lanka while the one from Bengaluru is 30 years old. The person going to Russia is 35 years old. B is going to Japan. Combined age of B and C is 59 years.
  • Youngest of them is from Patna and he is going to France. Only three people are elder to F. Only two people are younger than the one who is going to Malaysia.
  • Neither A nor G is visiting France.

1. Which of the following is going to Sri Lanka?

(A) G

(B) A

(C) One who is 25 years old.

(D) C

(E) Cannot be determined

Ans: E

2. What is the combined age of A and B?

(A) 51 years

(B) 57 years

(C) 54 years

(D) Either 51 or 57 years

(E) None of these

Ans: D

3. Which of the following combination is definitely incorrect?

(A) B – Japan – 24

(B) E – France – 22

(C) F – Austria – 33

(D) A – Sri Lanka – 27

(E) All are correct

Ans: C

4. Four of the following five are alike and form a group. Find the odd one?

(A) C – Japan

(B) D – Russia

(C) F – France

(D) E – China

(E) B – Japan

Ans: E

5. Which of the following represents the youngest and the oldest persons?

(A) B, C

(B) C, E

(C) D, F

(D) C, F

(E) B, H

Ans: B

Explanations (1 – 5)






Sri Lanka































IBPS PO Reasoning Quizzes

IBPS PO Quantitative Aptitude Important Questions

(1 – 5): Study the following table carefully to solve the given question.

A number of students enrolled in different courses of a college during the given years:  

1. What was the difference between the total numbers of girls enrolled in courses B & C together in 2006 and that of A & D together in 2008?

(A) 448

(B) 536

(C) 586

(D) 624

(E) 484

Ans: B

2. The number of boys in course B in 2006 & 2008 together was what percent of total number of students in course C in 2006?

(A) 84%

(B) 123%

(C) 128%

(D) 118%

(E) 112%

Ans: E

3. What was the total number of boys in 2007 in all courses together?

(A) 2838

(B) 3677

(C) 3587

(D) 3538

(E) 3638

Ans: C

4. What was the ratio between the numbers of girls in courses A & C together in 2005 and total number of boys in courses A & D together in 2006?

(A) 10: 7

(B) 4: 5

(C) 6: 5

(D) 11: 17

(E) None of these

Ans: E

5. The number of girls in courses C & D together in 2006 was what percent less or more than the number of boys in courses C & D together in 2008?

(A) 28%

(B) 50%

(C) 32%

(D) 18%

(E) 34%

Ans: B

IBPS PO Quantitative Aptitude Quizzes

If we will click on the above-given link then you will get some Quizzes, Videos, and Topic wise important expected questions for IBPS PO exam.

According to the official news, the IBPS PO 2018 Prelims exam will be conducted in October. Only those candidates will be able to appear in IBPS PO Mains examination who will be passed in prelims test.

Most Important Question for IBPS PO 2018

Candidates are suggested to read Daily Current Affairs and attempt current affairs Quiz, Pdf, and Questions for all the IBPS PO banking exam preparation. Many most important expected questions are available related to current affairs which will most probably ask in banking examination.

All the Mentioned IBPS PO 2018 Most Important Questions are important because these are more probably expected to be asked in IBPS PO prelims examination. Therefore, candidates are advised to solve all the questions and you may also suggest your friends about it. Thank You!

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