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SSC CGL 2018 Most Important Question for Tier-I Examination

SSC CGL 2018 Most Important Questions

Most Important Expected Questions for SSC CGL Tier-I Exam 2018: The Staff Sectional Commission is going to conduct SSC CGL Tier-I examination from 25th July to 20th August 2018. SSC CGL examination will be started in the in July. We hope that you have completed the full syllabus and your preparation is going on in full flow for Tier-I examination of Combined level Graduate Examination 2018.

This is the month of revision. Therefore, candidates should be completely dedicated for CGL syllabus revision. Candidates are advised to solve more quizzes and try to revise all the important English Vocabulary and formulas of Maths. We have provided quizzes that whereby you can get all the most Important Questions for SSC CGL Tier-I 2018 Examination. Candidates are suggested to solve all the quizzes with full honesty to check the level of examination. You may also suggest your friends for preparation from here.

SSC CGL 2018 Most Important Questions (Expected)

Here, we have maintained Some Most Important Expected Questions for SSC CGL Tier-I Examination, which will help you to do the best preparation as well as check your actual level for the examination. Here, we have come up with General Awareness, Aptitude, Reasoning, and English Quizzes that can make or break your selection in SSC CGL Tier-I examination.

SSC CGL Aptitude Important Questions


(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 8

2. A man covered a certain distance at some speed. Had he moved 3 km per hour faster, he would have taken 40 minutes less. If he had moved 2 km per hour slower, he would have taken 40 minutes more. The distance (in km) is-

(A) 20 Km

(B) 35 Km

(C) 36 Km

(D) 40 Km

3. The difference between simple and compound interest compounded annually on a certain sum of money for 2yrs at 4% per annum is Rs. 1. The sum (in Rs.) is -

(A) 650

(B) 630

(C) 625

(D) 640

4. The coordinates of the mid-points of the sides of a triangle are (1, 2), (0, –1) and (2, –1). Find the coordinates of its centre.

(A) (–1, 0)

(B) (1, 0)

(C) (0, 1)

(D) (0, –1)

5. A and B can together finish a work in 30 days. They worked together for 20 days and then B left. After another 20 days, A finished the remaining work. In how many days A alone can finish the job?

(A) 60 days

(B) 50 days

(C) 54 days

(D) 48 days




Ans: B


Ans: D


Ans: C


Ans: B


Ans: A

SSC CGL Quantitative Quizzes 

SSC CGL Reasoning Important Questions

1.If '+' denotes '×', '–' denotes '÷', '×' denotes '–' and '÷' denotes '+' then which of the following equation is correct?

5 + 35 – 7 × 3 < 20 – 5 + 3 ÷ 2

(A) 26 × 4 – 2 > 2 + 1 × 13 + 2

(B) 8 – 1 + 4 = 6 × 5 + 2 – 1

(C) 3 + 7 < 12 – 4 ÷ 4 + 2

(D) 26 – 4 ÷ 2 > 2 × 1 – 13 × 2

2. If 'A # B' means, A is father of B, 'A & B' means A is mother of B, 'A % B' means A is wife of B, 'A $ B' means A is brother of B and 'A ∆ B' means A is daughter of B then which of the following expression indicates that F is mother of D ?

 (A) F ∆ A % C # D $ B

(B) F & A # C & D $ B

(C) F % A # C $ D & B

(D) F # A $ C % D & B

3. Choose the correct option that will complete the question figure:

4.Which of the following options correctly represents the water image of the following question figure?


5. How many squares are there in the figure given below?

(A) 15

(B) 16

(C) 18

(D) 19




Ans: A


Ans: C


Ans: D


Ans: C 


Ans: B 



SSC CGL Reasoning Quizzes

SSC CGL English Important Questions

(1 – 2): Choose the word which can be substituted for the group of words/sentence.

1. A person who believes in the existence of God.

(A) Atheist

(B) Philanthropist

(C) Belligerent

(D) Theist

2. A government by a rich and powerful class

(A) Bureaucracy

(B) Theocracy

(C) Plutocracy

(D) Autocracy

3. Select the word from the alternatives which will be filled in the blank, so that the sentence becomes meaningful.

Imperial China had to use military force to defend and _______ the empire.

(A) store

(B) expand

(C) maintain

(D) expend

(4 – 5): In the following question, a sentence is divided into three parts and there may be an error in any of it. Select that part as your answer which contains error. If the sentence is free from error and there is no error in the sentence and it is correct as it is, mark (D)’ i.e. No error as the answer.

4. Kashmir is famous (A) / for it’s (B) / colourful scenery. (C) / No error (D)

5. No one was luckily (A) / killed in (B) / the accident. (C) / No error (D)




Ans: D


Ans: C


Ans: B


Ans: B Use ‘its’ in place of it’s.


Ans: A “Luckily no one was” should be used in place of “No one was luckily”.

SSC CGL English Quizzes

SSC CGL GK Important Questions

1. The growth target for the fourth five-year plan was set with respect to :–

(A) National Income

(B) Net Domestic Product

(C) Gross Domestic Product

(D) Human Development Index

2. Which state government has announced to set up a sports city of international standard?

(A) Odisha

(B) Jharkhand

(C) Karnataka

(D) Haryana

3. Under which of the following Articles of the Indian Constitution, salaries and allowances of the Member of Parliament have been discussed?

(A) Article 100

(B) Article 110

(C) Article 106

(D) Article 105

4. In 'Scabies' which organ of the body gets inflected?

(A) Liver

(B) Skin

(C) Eyes

(D) Kidney

5. The term 'cue' is related to which of the following sports?

(A) Baseball

(B) Badminton

(C) Chess

(D) Billiards




Ans: B


Ans: A


Ans: C


Ans: B 


Ans: D

SSC CGL GK Quizzes 

As we know, the SSC CGL 2018 Online Application Form will be closed on 4th June and the Staff Sectional Commission has revealed all the important date of examination. The SSC CGL Tier-I examination is set to be held from 25th July to 20th August and Tier-II exam will be conducted on 27th to 30th November, 2018. It is a four level examination, so candidates will have to pass on from the 4 tier examination to be selected in CGL exam. Total 30,26,598 candidates have filled the application form and SSC has released total 3805 posts for Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Group 'A', 'B','C','D' in which various posts available. Candidates are advised to read full syllabus and exam pattern.

Most Important Questions for SSC CGL 2018 Tier-I Exam

In addition to, not only that question but also there is a high possibility that may be some last year questions will be asked in the upcoming SSC CGL examination which is going to be held from 25th July to 20th August 2018. Therefore, try to solve all SSC CGL 2018 Important Questions for Tier-I Examination. All the Best!

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