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Wifistudy Unveils New Brand Identity With Great Zeal

Wifistudy New Logo

The best design keeps the brand stand out of the crowd and this attracts its lovers among all brands.

The new brand identity of wifistudy has become the news of enthusiasm. Wifistudy unveils its new brand logo as the part of the continuing growth of the brand. With the aim to provide the best experience of surfing the brand, the new wifistudy logo has been placed on the specific platforms.

“Wifistudy - changing the way of learning…” demonstrate its brand identity celebrating the long-lasting mentoring experience. Gathering the creativity and the best ideas the new logo has been created. The new logo represents the vision of wifistudy to transform dreams into reality. Let’s define each of the characteristics of the wifistudy new logo.

1. The Use of Font

Ubuntu font has been utilized in creating the new logo of wifistudy. Reason being, this font has a contemporary style and involves a unique identity that conveys precise, reliable and free attitude.

2. Design of Logo

The primary design of the logo contains a book and its leaves. The leaves are designed so beautifully that it represents the “wifi” signals too. Here the open book depicts the exaggeration of online learning that has been possible through the long-term efforts of the brand.

3. Colors Used in Identity

Orange: Orange color comprises the energy of red color and the happiness of yellow color. It is allied with both pleasure and sunshine. It expresses happiness, zest, endearment, creativity, dedication, victory, and encouragement. Because of the high visibility of orange color, we adopted it in wifistudy’s logo creation.

Blue: Blue color manifests the color of the sky and the sea as well. It means the depth and stability. It is the color that represents the belief, intelligence, loyalty, truth, and confidence. Blue is associated with the mind and soul. Using the blue color in the wifistudy logo, we want to spread the message of sincerity and stability that one should be sincere in achieving their goals.

Proud as we reveal our new brand identity to encourage our audience with new zeal. Wifistudy is thankful to all those users who made great efforts to make it a remarkable brand.

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